Katana Partners eNews October 2009
Employees, as one of the largest company expense lines, represent a significant opportunity to deliver ROI quickly —
Within 6 to 12 months.
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What’s Missing in HR Today?

Workforce Data That Really Matters ...

What’s missing in HR today is workforce information that enables HR and business leaders to actually manage their workforce by applying rigor to their decisions about their people.

Yes, we have lots of HR metrics like cost per hire, turnover, training ROI, succession candidates, and HR efficiency. These metrics and others like them are important but they do not provide information that enables HR and business leaders to make grounded decisions about business strategy.

Decisions about people simply do not have the same data rigor and logic applied as decisions about customers, products, or finances.

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Driving Results with a Smaller Workforce

Sue Oliver, President and Founder of Katana Partners answers 5 questions for Workforce Management Magazine.

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See how an $18M savings opportunity was created for a global airline by bettering employee attitudes.

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