Whether your company is small to mid-sized or has a global presence, we can customize our Katana Engagement Process™ to benefit your needs. Together, we can achieve greater employee engagement leading to improved financial and operational performance for your organization."

Sue Oliver
Principal, Katana Partners

The Katana Engagement Process™ is an innovative and proven way to increase employee engagement and make it last.

The Katana Engagement Process™ involves a sequence of 6 steps:


Aligning business and engagement goals and building coalitions.

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Step 1 involves a structured process of aligning organizational leadership at all levels to a clearly defined business strategy of increasing employee engagement as an enabler to higher levels of organizational performance.


Identifying key workforce insights and performance opportunities.

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Step 2 incorporates key stakeholder interviews and an evaluation of relevant employee, business and performance data to identify current strengths and challenges.


Developing a high impact Engagement Plan with clear priorities, measurable goals and identified performace support needs.

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Step 3 combines key workforce insights and performance opportunities into a formal Engagement Plan with recommended strategies, actions and goals. Focus in Step 3 is identifying the highest impact, prescriptive strategies and priority actions to enable the greatest leverage in employee engagement and performance.


Providing targeted Engagement Plan performance support to enable successful Plan execution.

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Step 4 involves providing targeted support to ensure the Engagement Plan is executed effectively. Examples of performance support might include:

  • skill modules for leaders/managers or workgroup champions
  • workshops on engagement, action planning or retention
  • facilitation and involvement training
  • leader/manager coaching
  • extra support interventions for priority facilities/workgroups
  • train the trainer sessions

Building internal capability to manage and integrate engagement and performance strategies into work processes.

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Step 5 involves supporting the success of an integrated engagement process through internal sponsorship, corporate and field accountability, action plan reviews, aligned reward and support systems, feedback and troubleshooting and strategic communications.


Creating a continuous improvement cycle of higher levels of engagement and individual, team and organizational performance.

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Step 6 involves quantifying progress against goals, evaluating gaps to goals and resetting new, higher engagement and performance targets.

The Katana Engagement Process™ creates success by building increasingly higher levels of employee engagement and performance while strengthening internal capability.